Death's Princess

Death's Princess

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Hel By UnderworldsGoddess Updated Jul 05, 2016

The man sat in the corner of his cell. He was nothing like Hela remembered him. His face was thin and his clothes were rags. His once sharp eyes were blood shot and dull. He looked entirely and positively lifeless. "What do you want from me?" he rasped. "After all these years, what does the little princess want from me, that she must travel to the Underworld to ask of?" 

"I need information," Hela replied. "And I need your help." Zeph looked up at the young girl and grinned darkly. 

Six years after Zeph's defeat, Hela had become a sharp young girl in middle school. Spending her weeks at S.H.I.E.L.D. and her weekends in Asgard with her father, she's grown up to a relatively normal lifestyle. But now, Hela hears the familiar calls of a woman asking for her help. She'll need the help of new and old friends alike to uncover the woman's cowl, and to save what has been lost.

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I just realized she probably got her fascination of drawing from steve
GeeklyGhostGuy GeeklyGhostGuy Oct 30, 2016
I fully intend to talk over the world and become the world dictator when I grow up. My parents said they can totally see me  like that
Blueberrymuffins18 Blueberrymuffins18 Mar 30, 2016
I'm 13 almost 14 and I'm 5'2" and people on my mom's side are really tall like 6 foot something and my Dad side is short, I wish I was tall but nope my sister is
belladoodle belladoodle Jan 03
Shell probably open it at least one day before her actual birthday
-ToxicHawk- -ToxicHawk- Jun 23, 2016
May I just say Hela hasn't gotten into any trouble lately. I thought she'd be hacking the government by now
_ClintashaForLife_ _ClintashaForLife_ May 21, 2016
This gives a whole new meaning to "riding your brother like a horse"