Kumo's Surgeon of Death

Kumo's Surgeon of Death

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Kumo's White Lightning By ReaperofKumo666 Updated Jun 16

Naruto neglected and disowned by his family, runs from the village that brought him so much pain. 
He finds a cursed sword and 2 bloodlines that will help him in his quest to become the greatest ninja and an even better doctor.

I do not own Naruto or One Piece.

They are property of Kishimoto-sama and Oda-sama.

There it is. I was waiting for that line. And you sir, delivered.
I love Law as you can see I have a female version  of him!!!
StrangerChild StrangerChild Jun 09, 2015
It so original and it has only been one chapter, nice work on that!!!
IvanAngelicaJaena IvanAngelicaJaena Dec 08, 2014
update pretty please...  onegai!!! i really what to know what happens next... is naruto  gonna get revenge on konoha and his family... please keep on writing more... pretty please... ^-^