A Life With The Avengers Or A Life Alone ~ DISCONTINUED

A Life With The Avengers Or A Life Alone ~ DISCONTINUED

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HERCULES MULLIGAN By JishyTheSwishyFishy Updated Aug 18, 2016

When Harry gets out of prison, he joins a few other enemies of Spider-Man and the Avengers. All of them have the same goal; these hero's extinction.

Disclaimer: I don't own any references or characters in the story

*Possibly changing the title*

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SmartyNomicon SmartyNomicon Dec 25, 2017
Eh... Spidey? What's wrong with your Spidey-sense? Or your spider-flexibility? How about spider-strenght? Meh
sporkified sporkified Aug 09, 2017
I thought Tony already knew about Spidey tho?
                              Eh, still awesome :3
PrettyKitty8442 PrettyKitty8442 Mar 14, 2017
WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED!!!??? No, its cool I know what happened I'm just shocked and like well that escalated quickly. PETER!!! Y U DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEE???
DecipherTheCipher DecipherTheCipher Jan 20, 2017
When you said antlers, I thought of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Nov 27, 2016
Welp....LMAO I just thought of something....what if his spider sense was going crazy and didn't work right and when he did this a few seconds past and the avengers and spiderman are just looking at each other.....with an akward atmosphere around them 😂
RemiaLupinakaMoony RemiaLupinakaMoony Sep 14, 2015
well Petey if you yell insults at supervillains without a plan someone's gonna end up being knocked out