Living Barbie (The Day I Died Spin Off)

Living Barbie (The Day I Died Spin Off)

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Bob, Bob, Bob and Small Bob By NeonLights1404 Updated Dec 11, 2016

Samantha Leon have always despised those stereotypical mean girls. She hated their stuck up personality, their Barbie-like looks and well... them in general.

That was until she died.

Lucky enough, she received a chance to redeem herself, a chance to earn a second life. And how, you may ask? Easy, all she has to do was hold the status of 'mean girl' for 6 months. And that, my friend, was how it all started, how Samantha Leon, a self-proclaimed rebel, became Barbie Roberts, a living Barbie.

 'THE DAY I DIED' SPIN OFF (can be read without reading the first book)

thegirlwithraybans thegirlwithraybans Mar 23, 2016
When words aren't enough
                              :) ;) :) ;) :);):);):)
Sasori_Puppet Sasori_Puppet Jun 25, 2016
I kinda want to die now cause lately I've been wondering whst happens after death...I mean, I'm a firm believer in the Greek Gods and Goddesses vut there is no proof saying that the tales are accurate descriptings of Hades rule...ya know
headphonesbae headphonesbae Dec 26, 2016
Like....when someone asked you (not that they will xD) 
                              "How you died?"
                              "Y'know, toaster killed me."
ZebraPolkaDots ZebraPolkaDots Dec 25, 2016
Son of a bitch. I forgot dot stealing was a serious thing here.
LittleMissWingedGal LittleMissWingedGal Nov 15, 2015
ZzRedCookieMonsterzZ ZzRedCookieMonsterzZ Oct 19, 2015
Hehe. Told you I was going to read it right after I finished the book.