Kakashi's daughter

Kakashi's daughter

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Vamp_Lover By fallen_nightmare132 Updated May 07

Kisa has been treated like a monster her whole life just because she was born with cat ears and a tail. Her twin sister Hina was born normal as you can get. 

Kisa's village treated her like how naruto  was treated in the leaf village, if not worse. Plus she is really sick and has a weak heart. Her village beat her, starved her, raped her, and after they had their fun they banished her from the village, and took all her stuff, so that she was left nothing. 

Her parents didn't care for her and treated her like the rest of the village, not even her own twin stood up for her.

Kisa has many secrets and emotions bottled up inside, and she knows she'll break. But there's no one to listen to her. That is till she finds her self in Konoha also known as the village hidden in the leaves.

tbh if i was this child i would call the team 7,8,10 and Gai on them lmao
OOOOOOO THE POOR BABY SHE LOST HER INNOCENCE *crying a waterfall right now and take note there was no sarcasm*
symphony11 symphony11 4 days ago
Thanks cause I just forgot everything I just read. I have a horrible memory.😅
So she hates Sakura for her hair, Shika for laziness, Sasuke for his mad personality, and Ibiki because he is flipping scary
kaiwi1 kaiwi1 Nov 08
That's kind creepy how author-chan knows all dis,but its true
Aeslin Aeslin May 10
How is she supposed to be a ninja if she's scared of everything