Diabolik lovers Fanfiction darkness

Diabolik lovers Fanfiction darkness

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Okay so first fanficion idk if I'm good or really bad if I fail at something then please tell me thanks.

This story is about Yui's sister (My OC) Sora Komoi (oh gawd another fanfiction about her having a sister). She is not like her sister though, she's the silent, listening type. Although if you mess with her be prepaid to have your wrist broken. She hides a deep dark secret, that she has been told not to tell anyone about, not even Yui. What will going to the Sakamaki mansion trigger? Read on to find out.

Subaru X OC story.

Disclaimer : I do not own Diabolik lovers or anything I just own my OC and that's about it I guess

There will also be swearing/cursing if you don't like that then don't read then complain.

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Can I say like wtf why do i have to be a giant!? Im 12 and 5'7. I have not actually seen a 16 year old that is 5'1! Where do you find these people?
It's better to use past tense than present tense it fits well and better
*wraps scarf around face and puts left leg on right knee* I am ninja~
Reminds me of natsu pulling his scarf up and putting it ninja style
-petalsandpetticoats -petalsandpetticoats Nov 03, 2016
Just randomly pointing it out that the dot to the right of the pic made me think that there was something on my screen ಠ_ಠ
I read that with so much enthusiasm and emotion it's unreal. 😂