Fighting You

Fighting You

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T.Hiddleton By Hiddleton Updated Aug 01, 2016

"I don't believe you! Jason was just making sure I got back inside safely. You had no right to throw him out the way you did!"Natalie yelled.

"How exactly naive are you Natalie? I saw you kiss him on the driveway! The only reason he came to drop you at the door was because he wanted to score!" Derek snapped.

" And how exactly is that your business? If I want to sleep with him or any other guy then that's my decision! You don't have any say in it. Infact getting laid is maybe just what I need...I better hurry and stop him before he leaves!" saying Natalie walked towards the door. But before she could reach the doorknob two large hands grabbed her waist and spun her around. 

"What did you just say?" Derek asked in a very dangerous tone and backed her towards the door. Natalie shivered...he looked angry. 

"I think you heard what I just said" Natalie replied bravely. "Now let me go. I need to get laid!" Natalie realized she and Derek were standing too close to each other. She tried getting away from him. But his hold on her  just tightened.

"Well if that's what you are looking for Ms.Thompson..." Derek said darkly, hauling her body against his. "Then let's start with us!" saying Derek crushed his mouth on hers....

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samreenlia samreenlia Feb 20, 2017
I still don't get it .
                              I mean the way its written 😵😵😵
ANOmaliesx ANOmaliesx Jan 18, 2016
Good storyline but the dialogues should be in separate paragraphs
kohaana kohaana Nov 25, 2015
Hello!  Nice intro.. Though i feel its moving on too fast.. Give it time to settle n it wl become much better..
spencer_reid_is_bea spencer_reid_is_bea Nov 24, 2015
We can not just be bought of we are not stupid we are not mindless animal we have feelings you can't just dangle a shinny piece of jewelry and we just forgive you
EraVillarino EraVillarino Jul 05, 2015
So far so good. Did not expect that this is your first time.
smoothlikejazz smoothlikejazz Apr 08, 2015
Great Job! Sounds very interesting, I am sure to love it! :)