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DeadlyKitten187 By DeadlyKitten187 Updated Feb 21, 2015

Davina decided after Kaleb's (Kol) constant begging she would put him in his real body.

       "I helped you, now you help me."


             " Fine, I'll do it."

She started to chant the spell. Kaleb fell to the floor when she finished the spell. Where would he wake up? Did Klaus have his body? She thought to herself. Well where ever he was now, he wasn't her problem anymore.

                 The Compound

Kol woke up in a coffin. He opened it and sat up. Now he was himself again and his mother couldn't strip him of it. Kol looked at his surroundings as he climbed out of his coffin. He knew where he was. The compound with his brothers. Hunger filled him. 

He found himself a blood bag. He ripped off the cap and chugged it down. He dropped the now empty bag and smiled. It felt good to be himself again. He could hear his brothers talking with Cami, Marcel, and Hayley. Time to strike their attention. He poured himself a drink. He drank it all then threw the glass, causing i...

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how did she vamp speed way and her black veins showed if she was human
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Apr 09, 2017
First Kolena book I am reading. Intriguing so far. I am reading this as a reference to write a Kol romance...