Shannaro! Genin Again (Sakura x Sasuke)

Shannaro! Genin Again (Sakura x Sasuke)

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SakuraSanada By SakuraSanada Updated Nov 15, 2015


With a flutter of her eyes Sakura woke up to find herself in her old bedroom from when she lived with her mom and dad.

'It worked! I'm twelve again SHANNARO'

'Hey that's my line'

'What the inner?is that you'

'Who else would it be your mom -______-'

'But-t didn't you leave?'

'No I have always been with you in the back of your mind observing you while you lived your life only ever giving advice once in a while but I thought why not help you so you don't mess up the only chance you will ever get again'

'Ha well thanks I guess its reassuring I'm not alone in this'

'Alright now get a move on our we are ganna be late to class'


Grabbing my red dress with the Haruno symbol I wore in my past life as a gennin and placing the ribbon on my head and tying it I head downstairs to see my parents still asleep 

After cooking them something I leave it's not like they would mind I'm heading to class not to do anything bad 

After walking a bit I run into Ino walking out of the flowe...

Yeah but a cute sticky situation
                              XD I can't help myself I'd to do that brought this to would you kindly tell us your plan?
Well maybe we should consider it as an............compliment??? Cuase it doesn't sound like an insult (sorry if I'm a critic)