Step Brother - A Cameron Dallas Fanfic

Step Brother - A Cameron Dallas Fanfic

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emily elisabeth By Emilyy_Espinosaa Updated Dec 21, 2016

It's tough having no dad, especially for mom. She's always on dating websites and going out with men that can be dangerous. I've found myself in many different scenarios from my mom's ex-boyfriend has threatened to kill me to my mother going out with very nice guys- who happen to have cute kids. 

   My mom decides to go on a date after receiving a message on from a man named Drew Dallas. Mr. Dallas's son, Cameron, is just so amazing. He's cute, funny, nice, and daring. My little brother, Triston, gets along with Cameron, too. My older brother, Liam, grows as a friend to ︎Cam, as well.

My mother and Drew have been dating for a while, just like Cameron and me. What if our parents got married? I can't date my step brother...

   Many things take a turn for the worst, some for the best.

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shescreamesshawn shescreamesshawn Dec 17, 2017
I woulda  slapped the fudge nuggets out of him cuz of that  butt nugget move!! Don't judge me!😂😂😂😂😂
harmonizer9793 harmonizer9793 Dec 02, 2017
That's false because when you're a senior you're either 17 or 18 years old 😂
fifimendes fifimendes Apr 15, 2017
wow if that was my sis she would just be like," well tough titties"😂😂😂😂😂 were so weird ik
yoursantaclaus yoursantaclaus Oct 22, 2016
Hey! Could you please read my stories? It's also Cameron Dallas' fanfic. Thank you💚
gemoxygen gemoxygen May 10, 2016
what type of texting conversation is that. but thats how awkward I am.
Emilyy_Espinosaa Emilyy_Espinosaa May 30, 2016
I'm pretty sure that's how majority of people are tbh including myself😂 @TheSheSheKnew