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Amelia Rose. No one knows her last name. She was put in the orphanage by an anonymous and had been abused by one woman there since. Shes struggled by her whole life. She's came to learn the magic of self harm. Not long after, at 6 year of age, she is adopted by four young lads in search of a child to look after. An that child is Amelia Rose.

(The boys will be in their 20's and will only be a garage band!)

EDIT: I wrote this when I was 13 but its one of my first stories and I don't plan on taking it down in order to show my growth in writing. Please don't judge all my writing off of this book.

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Pietersite Pietersite Jun 15, 2016
Is the characters name inspired after Amelia pond and rose Tyler?
jamie_steeves jamie_steeves Mar 31, 2016
Isn't the cover of the book (the girl I'm guessing) the actress who played Matilda
YoonieYoongo YoonieYoongo Apr 08, 2016
My name is Amelia rose and I do have a last name but I'm not going to say it
5secondsofonestereo 5secondsofonestereo Jul 16, 2015
WTF A 6 YEAR OLD HARMING HERSELF I know it's just a fanfic but still if she was at least 13 I would understand but someone in kindy shouldn't know what self harming even is
MukeAtMidnight MukeAtMidnight Feb 19, 2015
That awkward moment when the little girl is prettier than you'll ever be
Graygrayscout Graygrayscout Nov 17, 2014
Update more please I will do anything I will even go on a diet to make you update more.
                                                Cookies are awesome!!!!