Cindereli (A gay Cinderella adaption.)

Cindereli (A gay Cinderella adaption.)

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Lucas Humgood, a former middle-classman, has been repressed by his bitter stepmother and her two repugnant daughters. Now, he is a simple manservant, doting on the foul three. His father passed away by unknown circumstances, or a severe heart attack as Lady Kristine likes to brag. 
Enter Prince Eric Rustine. Being the soon-to-be-king, he is forced to throw a ball. Three, in fact. Lucas is forced to stay home as his step-mother wishes for her or one of her daughters to win the affections of the prince. But when his fairy godmother appears to dress him up and send him away, with chores complete, the prince casts a watchful eye on him.

In this nonjudgmental, small kingdom, can Lucas win the prince's affections? Or will the prince simply cast aside his feelings and make proud his parents?

~Cover creds go to the wonderful and talented @PhantomWrestler!~

Poor baby! That must hurt especially cuz I imagine this happens often😖
CJMad8 CJMad8 Oct 31
Omg!!!! I stumbled upon your book on accident (not sure how I found it) but I'm glad I did! Your idea for this is absolutely fantastic!! I am literally in love with this already! Haha I am so excited to continue reading! 
                              😆😘😍👏🏻👏🏻 onward I go!
Cattybird4 Cattybird4 Jul 09
Just fyi I just read another gay cinderella story and the guy was named Lucas as well
I think the 👿 witch poisoned him!! *growls at said witch*
Molletay000 Molletay000 Jun 29
Love gay love
                              Hate Dame step mother 
                              Keep up the amazing work
creator1dx creator1dx Jun 20
Can you like the chapters in my book Trigger Word I'll return for any book you want ?