Arranged Marriage To A Smart Jock ?!

Arranged Marriage To A Smart Jock ?!

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izzy By rockingurl_10 Updated Aug 13, 2016

Josh is your typical high school jock. He loves soccer more than anything - more than anyone. Savannah is your typical smart ass. But, this smart girl has a secret. A secret no one knows; A secret than can change everything.What happens when Josh and Savannah are in an arranged marriage? Will Josh know Savannahs secret? Will anyone?

Disclaimer: This story moves very quickly at the beginning, if you don't like that try to give it a shot anyway (: 

This is being edited at the moment and I will re-upload when it is finished.

    mindofflaws mindofflaws May 29
    Boi what is this? High School Musical? You're Chad now, not letting Troy get mixed in with nerds? Pls dismiss yourself -.-
    stephroxy stephroxy Apr 21, 2016
    How the hell is soccer a winter sport. Hockey ringette skating skiing snowboarding are winter sports
    Sn0wflake321 Sn0wflake321 Jan 19, 2016
    He probably likes chicken and his girlfriends name is peri peri loL
    TheWordStringer TheWordStringer Jan 11, 2016
    Dude. I wonder how quickly your popularity will go when people find out you're called Nando cause that's where your parents had their first date. 
                                  Yeah. I said it.
    ojrocks ojrocks Oct 03, 2015
    Who names the kid Nando if they lived in England they would be laughed at
    SickInTheClique SickInTheClique Jan 25, 2015