Screw A Mate! (Being Edited)

Screw A Mate! (Being Edited)

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"Bïtch you are ruining my plans. I have to kill you sorry." She said while glaring.

"I'm his mate not you, you are his mate because he was forced to mate with you in order to become Alpha!" I yelled. I wasn't scared of her, I knew she wouldn't hurt me. Well at least I hoped she wouldn't. I've put up with her ways for too long. I've been nothing but nice to her but now she's crossing the line!

"Either way you are in our way and you have to go." She lunged on me and I punched her in her nose. I smiled when I saw blood. She got up and kicked me in my back. Damn that hurt, god I wish I was a wolf.

I was pregnant so all I could think about was protecting my baby. I curled up in a ball while she beat me. I grabbed the lamp and hit her over the head. The same time Adam came in growling. You would think that since I'm pregnant and his mate he would run to my side. WRONG! He screamed at me for attacking her. He didn't even give me a chance to explain. Once he saw her blood he attacked me and everything went black.....

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godlyjayy godlyjayy Feb 29, 2016
honestly u can't described a Thot a thot goes around sleeping with other men u can just say she's one by looking at her
ari301201 ari301201 Jul 02, 2016
Wow what the hell man you should protect your mate not some b* tch
bilesj bilesj Apr 17, 2015
that DICK!!!!!!!!! how can he have sex with her even if she's DRUNK.... men these day's
CrazyUnicornSmurf CrazyUnicornSmurf Apr 27, 2013
@iLikePanda I think this was in the past...and cool username :)
samanthajd samanthajd Mar 31, 2013
Kool little story
                              U got there but u should make it longer .i would like to read more well have a great day
iLikePanda iLikePanda Nov 16, 2012
omgomgomg pleeease update (/.\) If I was sarah, I would've left Adam... >;o .. And I would've left the house and stuff since he attacked her? o.o