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Charming Criminal

Charming Criminal

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What's in a name? By worldgirlalways Updated May 05, 2016

~Charming Criminal~

Name: Unknown
Age: Between 18 and 30.
Features: [Suspected] short and light colored hair, light blue eyes. Around six foot tall.
What he's guilty of: stealing jewels, money, and even hearts; a few murders.
Notice to the general public: 
This unknown thief has caused chaos all along the east coast of the United States of America. If we don't catch him soon enough, your entire family can be in danger. He's known to have a charming nature which allows him to win the trust of the most alert person. Please maintain your distance from overly friendly strangers.
Get your brains ready and hearts hidden. 
Who knows who will be the next prey of the criminal?
* * *
"I don't trust your intentions."
His lips twitched. "Neither do I."

Cover credits to moonxriver

HellodonotcallmeYesI HellodonotcallmeYesI Apr 30, 2016
Who wouldn't want to read this? I was on board since the beginning
touka_anteiku touka_anteiku Apr 29, 2016
I don't know why but the guy in the cover sort of reminded me of Will. Can't wait to read it.
Melr101 Melr101 Apr 13, 2016
The man deserves a medal but he's never really won a prize before he goes to lock the door
cutealisha599 cutealisha599 Apr 29, 2016
I found this really interesting. I liked the first story better,but this is amazing too. Please do write this.
ihaveamillionlives ihaveamillionlives Apr 28, 2016
I really really want to read the story it's so interesting!!!!!! It's even a good recommended book please
VagueMinds VagueMinds Apr 30, 2016
Well this is good! But i have the same vibe like the robber's knight and storm and silence :)))  Definitely going to love it