Daughter of Chaos

Daughter of Chaos

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Alexsis By Alexsis-Garcia Completed

Skylar is an average girl, well no not really. Her father is a god, not just any god, no, the father of the universe creator of all things, Lord Chaos.

Skylar has been in the Void her whole life, training, and watching her father rule the galaxy peacefully. 

One day her father comes and tells her to go to the one planet she always wished to go, Earth. But it's not for fun and games, no. She must go to Earth and choose a heir, a male heir, one with a heart of gold. And let's not forget that she has an evil uncle that's trying to stop her from getting the heir to her father.

There's many boys who want the title but only she can decide who it is.

Only the hero that she choses can be the heir but who will she choose?

Themangledtoy Themangledtoy Apr 01, 2016
I tried to do a flip and landed on my back and heard a snap
black_163 black_163 Sep 27, 2016
That's lord death XD just the soul eater fandom understand XDDDDD
MCRlover121 MCRlover121 Jan 01
                              Helena (So Long and Goodnight)
kawaiiArtemisCooper2 kawaiiArtemisCooper2 May 09, 2016
                              Idek why I screamed.
                              My sis is looking at me like I'm crazy.
                              I LOVE THIS!!
                              I still wish there were more fanfics with good stories like this.
                              (Compared to ToA, this book is bomb)
Aim-for-insane Aim-for-insane Sep 29, 2016
I'm just saying it now but chaos is not a God. It said he was in the description. I'm sorry, I sound rude, but I bet I'm gonna love ur story.
PetrxMaximoff PetrxMaximoff Jan 09, 2016
Somehow he is going to get beaten because the author wanted him to be cocky and then lose.