The Housekeeper

The Housekeeper

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K By kirolinaa Updated Apr 17, 2016

I enter my home, looking forward to having a very long nap. A stench radiates from within my house as humidity beats down on me. As I navigate through the house looking for the woman who was supposed to have had everything clean before I got home, my anger rises. 

I approach my bedroom and open the door quickly to find Ms.White laying sprawled out on my bed. A wine bottle is sat on my bedside table, the contents empty. I suppose she had drank and fell asleep. 

Poking her side I wait for the woman to wake up. She stirs and mumbles until her eyes finally flutter open. Squinting she looks up at me. Her eyes open widely as she backs up on the bed. 

"Did you have a nice nap Ms.White?" I ask.

The woman opens her mouth as if to say something but closes it again. 

"I suppose you now know you're fired and will not be receiving pay for today. You may excuse yourself, Ms.White."

The woman gathers herself up, flustered, stumbles a bit, and exits the room.

It seems now I'll need a new housekeeper.

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AwkwardlyShae_ AwkwardlyShae_ Dec 28, 2017
I love this story so much and it’s only the first chapter 😭🌈💓
MisSolstice MisSolstice Sep 10, 2016
People mainly hire females because the males are rarely trusted with cleaning... Dunno why. But mostly, here in the Philippines, we call our male housekeepers "boy" or "boi" and it can also be translated into a "butler".  :/ so using a "housekeeper" to name your butler is kind of odd.
MisSolstice MisSolstice May 03, 2016
That moment when you thought something else from what the person actually meant.
Gwazzayet Gwazzayet Apr 16, 2016
I personally would seize the opportunity...i mean just lay and she undresses you... 😅 stress gone..
Gwazzayet Gwazzayet Apr 16, 2016
Stone cold Stone cold
                              You see me standing,  but im dying on the floor..
mickeyismebabe mickeyismebabe Aug 06, 2016
why he was standing behind him didn't he see he was getting the food