Thomas Sangster x Reader ~ Just a dream?

Thomas Sangster x Reader ~ Just a dream?

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hamiltrash. By fangirlkilledbyfeels Updated May 03, 2017

What happens when you, a fangirl like so many others, win a contest to spend a day with your celebrity crush Thomas Brodie-Sangster? 


This story, nor any other on my wattpad account won't be updated any more. I'm sorry. I explained the ending, but I began writing this story years ago and it's full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, so you'd do better to check out @MockingjayRunner's works, she has some amazing TBS stories too. If you care to read my writing, I'm on AO3 and wordpress and if you just want to follow me as a person, check out my instagram and tumblr, everything of the above with the username @fangirlkilledbyfeels.

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Nylakay Nylakay Sep 16, 2017
Not anymore. They broke up. Although, I trust Thomas's judging so she was probably one of those rare, perfect girls. I hope she is ok now.
FloraxIsla_ FloraxIsla_ Jun 25, 2017
Everyday I get into deep thought about how Thomas is 27, I am 15 going on 16 and I have no chance with him😂
- - Nov 27, 2016
I'm mostly sarcastic.
                              But I wish that was sarcastic.
                              That was sarcastic.
CleoKamiya2003 CleoKamiya2003 Sep 17, 2016
I'm happy that it says "You, Your, Yourself, and You're" not "Me, My, I, Mine, Myself, and others"
a-snail-with-wings a-snail-with-wings Aug 13, 2016
I don't act happy, but I go a long for the sake of the story
GladerGirl188 GladerGirl188 May 11, 2016