Double Life~Avengers FanFic~ Maybe Some More Marvel :)

Double Life~Avengers FanFic~ Maybe Some More Marvel :)

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No☆Idea☆What☆To☆Do☆ By Lowkey_Crazy Completed

Hey Guys, My name Is Issabelle Barton but you can just call me Izzy, lets just say I have a very complicated family. You could say I have a bad past, I've been experimented on. I own a gym by day but at night, well my job goes by many names, Assassin, Hacker or a Thief. People hire me to do stuff that they don't want to get caught doing. I go in, get the job done and get out. But when a secret organization hires me To hack into S.H.I.E.LD, a secret organization that no one knows about. That were things go wrong, I get caught, See my brother after years. Oh you might know him, he actually works with those stupid 'Earths mightiest heroes'. This story is a very addicting story, Jokes, Tears, Heart Breaks.It will start of slow but it does get better. Like way better.

I don't own the Avengers unfortunately, wish I did actually :( I don't own the supernatural characters either, Well that sucks :( I don't own the guardians of the galaxy or fantastic four either. :( But I do own Izzy, Phoebe and a few others.

{Sequel will be out soon, just need some personal time :(} 

''There is no impossible with us''

I can't wait to see clings reaction when he sees them together
I turned to see Clint Barton..... According to the cast he's her brother
It seems the first question someone asks when you tell them about someone is "is he/she hot"
WatcherOfNature WatcherOfNature Dec 12, 2015
Oh okay, you just casually summersaulted over an 8 foot electric fence. Did you fûck!
spookyangelo spookyangelo Nov 27, 2015
Yooooo my name is Isabel and almost everyone (even my whole family) calls me Izzy :D
ithurtstoremember ithurtstoremember Nov 03, 2015
WHY IS SHE WEARING HEELED BOOTS FOR THIS? I mean, that would just be uncomfortable.