Double Life~Avengers FanFic~ Maybe Some More Marvel :)

Double Life~Avengers FanFic~ Maybe Some More Marvel :)

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No☆Idea☆What☆To☆Do☆ By Lowkey_Crazy Completed

Hey Guys, My name Is Issabelle Barton but you can just call me Izzy, lets just say I have a very complicated family. You could say I have a bad past, I've been experimented on. I own a gym by day but at night, well my job goes by many names, Assassin, Hacker or a Thief. People hire me to do stuff that they don't want to get caught doing. I go in, get the job done and get out. But when a secret organization hires me To hack into S.H.I.E.LD, a secret organization that no one knows about. That were things go wrong, I get caught, See my brother after years. Oh you might know him, he actually works with those stupid 'Earths mightiest heroes'. This story is a very addicting story, Jokes, Tears, Heart Breaks.It will start of slow but it does get better. Like way better.

I don't own the Avengers unfortunately, wish I did actually :( I don't own the supernatural characters either, Well that sucks :( I don't own the guardians of the galaxy or fantastic four either. :( But I do own Izzy, Phoebe and a few others.

{Sequel will be out soon, just need some personal time :(} 

''There is no impossible with us''

the format and quotation marks r a bit confusing but i love the story
Just so you know, every time a new person speaks, you should start a new paragraph. It helps break up your writing. I think the story line is amazing!
He's so cute and innocent like a little puppy being birthed into the world. Wait, um, that started off good but went in the wrong direction...
Anne_anonymous Anne_anonymous Oct 26, 2016
I can't wait to see clings reaction when he sees them together
dylanohmybrien dylanohmybrien Jan 25, 2016
I turned to see Clint Barton..... According to the cast he's her brother
princessjaydaboo princessjaydaboo Jan 18, 2016
It seems the first question someone asks when you tell them about someone is "is he/she hot"