Living With the Jarvis Boys

Living With the Jarvis Boys

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Princess4121 By Princess4121 Updated Feb 02, 2015

Kelly is living the life she always dreamed she would live. Living in New York, with her mother, father, and older Brother.  She's never been very popular but she likes it that way. She has two best friends, Miranda and Kaylee. She is top of her class at school. That's all she's ever wanted as a 16 year old girl. 

Until one day a terrible accident ruins all of it. Her parents are gone and her brother is leaving to go to college. So what happens to her? She has to move all the way to Florida to live with her Mothers childhood best friend, Larissa Jarvis. A famous fashion designer, and her husband is one of the most well known lawyers on the East Coast. Not to mention they have 9 sons. 

Follow Kelly in the adventure of love, betrayal, hurt, tears, and surprises as she lives with the Jarvis Boys.

Panda_Lover23854 Panda_Lover23854 Mar 16, 2017
Isn't she the girl Named Aria or somthing like that in Pretty Little Liers?
Kellyj1235 Kellyj1235 Mar 02, 2017
This book is goin awesome u better finish ik im commenting a bit late but it will gladly be appreciated
Dovestar145 Dovestar145 Jun 20, 2016
It's great! But as @supernatural4568 said, that really, really must've hurt, 9 kids oh gosh
KazziahSarai KazziahSarai Aug 22, 2016
She an amazing human being to be able to birth that many boys