Stay Strong (Our2ndlife/O2L)

Stay Strong (Our2ndlife/O2L)

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o2l_4ever By o2l_4ever Updated Apr 11, 2017

Haley starts her grade 12 year as a senior going back to school for the first time. 
Memories from the past soon spread and her worst nightmares begin to come true. 
As this is happening she is also trying to balance shaky relationships and all the drama that comes with it 
Her heart is confused and soon she is too  
After a while things begin to overpower her and she looses all thoughts 
She takes out her pain on her self and almost takes her cutting to the next extreme 
Her friends and twin brother become blind to the situation and that may be the worst mistake of their life. 
Will Haley survive her grade 12 year? 
Will her current relationship stay strong? 
Will she make it out in the end? 

I guess your going to have to start reading ;)

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Dahnielle99 Dahnielle99 Dec 17, 2014
I love this so much  already , thank you and I'm happy with my character.
jamie_ptv jamie_ptv Dec 14, 2014
This is awesome! I'm glad I waited for this. I can't wit for chapter 2!
21hoursofpilots 21hoursofpilots Dec 05, 2014
cant wait till december 15th!! just read the first book all today and i loved it!!
kianlawleybabe kianlawleybabe Dec 02, 2014
*talks in a no emotion way* u havent update in a long time,
youtubers_n_shtuff youtubers_n_shtuff Nov 25, 2014
Connor <3 not Kian cuz I like Caley (I think that was the ship name) better than Hian ;3