(Claude x Reader)

(Claude x Reader)

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☆ By xXMythicXx Updated Feb 06, 2016

(I do not own any of Black butler/kuroshitsuji characters)

"Hurry and tie her up the wall!" A middle aged man with a rusty voice said loudly. 

You walk in with a guard on your left side and right.you were also blind folded and only had a bra and underwear on.

"Your whip sir" a guard said handing the whip to the middle aged man. "Now dear girl this wont hurt you it will only hurt me damaging your beautiful body."

He touches your body and his rusty voice and dry hands gave you chills."But you did try to escape so ill have to punish you." His whip comes at you hard hitting you hard. 

You didn't bother trying to scream since you didn't want to scare the other children.

You thought to your self "why....why must i be trapped here.....i...i want to be free....like before with my mother and father.....why did they leave me.... "

The man stopped hitting you "Alright guards take her back!" You feel the guards uniting your from the wall and putting a blanket around...

Rinny394 Rinny394 Nov 26, 2016
Am I the only one who was thinking bout 50 Shades of Grey !?!
Lingering_Soul Lingering_Soul May 02, 2016
I never thought that a pile of trash (Claude) would be cute...
Kota-chan Kota-chan Jul 27, 2016
1.Because I always have a smartass comeback to anything they say.
                              2.Because I'm to smart for my own good.
                              3.Because I'm may or may not be a supernatural being in this story. Idk.
                              4. Because they're shitty parents.
CDbutter CDbutter Jul 04, 2016
                              Have to.
                              Be so.
                              Like seriously I can't take this!
Cuz you know its normal for someone to not ask why there sleeping back there with a blanket around there body 😂
Ariel_Wild Ariel_Wild Jan 24, 2016