Tabloid Junkie || Michael Jackson || Under Edit

Tabloid Junkie || Michael Jackson || Under Edit

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{Bad era - 1988}


Becky Clarke is a solid believer of the tabloids. Everything written about her idol, Michael Jackson, has to be true. And the strange thing is - that's what she loves about him - all the crazy things he does. So when a familiar chimp finds his way into Becky's house, she meets the owner and realises her life will never be the same.

Michael Jackson is the legendary King Of Pop, and when his chimp is retrieved, he couldn't be happier. However, when the girl who found him reveals her belief in the tabloids, he finds himself in a bad situation.

His main questions is: "Do I tell her the tabloid Michael Jackson isn't me, or do I act along and be the bizarre Michael Jackson she wants me to be?"

When Becky finds out the hard way, Michael is shocked. He then realises he has to reveal the reason why he wanted to keep it to himself - because he wanted her to stay in his life forever.

With crazy events and... maybe slightly-strange drama, Becky and Michael live life in... ironically, a tabloid headline-inducing manner.

Note: This is my first ever fanfiction, so it won't have the best storyline. I didn't know the difference between fanfiction and fantasy, so most of the stuff in here is ridiculously unrealistic. Sorry! Also, the story is under edit, so the chapters will contain better grammar, spelling and punctuation once I'm done. Until then, you'll have to cope with messy and irritatingly-written chapters.

Thank you!

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x_crybxby_x x_crybxby_x Nov 26
                              *FLIPS TABLE*
                              THE FIRST CHAPTER AND IM ALREADT TRIGGERED
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Serena_m_ Serena_m_ Jul 22
JACKSON !!! and he had a desease its sad that people actually believed he did that and other crazy things but us moonwalkers dont believe that stuff ❤❤
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