The vampire in love

The vampire in love

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She was just about to take a step when someone stopped her.
It was a handsome yet scary boy.
He had red eyes and his skin was as pale as snow.
He took a step closer to her as she took one back.
Her back hit against the door. He leaned in,
His face was inches away from hers. Suddenly, his head moved down to her neck.  His mouth was open.
Annabella looked down and noticed his sharp fangs glowing in the dark. She squeezed her eyes shut, but felt nothing.
Her eyes fluttered open and the boy was gone.

Annabella then runs for her life, tries finding a way out of this place. 

Until she noticed an open door. She walks in and lands in an unfamiliar room. 

She's completely unaware of what fate has brought her to...

Stewie92603 Stewie92603 Dec 20, 2016
This is random but does anyone else remember the creepy video where he stared at the camera even when he got caught staring he continued to stare without blinking
Eliza_Chase Eliza_Chase Feb 09
You could dasi run run run but he will catch up anyways! YOU NEED JACOB!!!
_MCJAHK _MCJAHK 5 days ago
Could be period blood... oh god... that's gross... did I just scar myself for life?
Where's the hyung line? Anyway, I'll check these out after I'm done with this ff which will probably take a year😂
ArrowofStarlight ArrowofStarlight 14 hours ago
If you think about it, she'd just need to take a step into the house and leave. She already went into the house.....but if it's to meet Jungkook, I'd run into that house like there was no tomorrow😅