The Maze Runner Preferences And Imagines

The Maze Runner Preferences And Imagines

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Daz By DazzaDazzleDaz Updated Apr 19

This book will contain preferences and imagines for selected characters from The Maze Runner series.

I will write for Thomas, Newt, Gally, Minho, and Chuck. I do not own any of these characters, they were created by the amazing author, James Dashner.

For the majority of the book I will try and make the book realistic to movie life in the glade (and scorch) for those readers who haven't read the books and are only on the movie storyline. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT BOOK SPOILERS.

Please read on and I hope you enjoy.

Also, there may or may not be mild course language throughout some of this book, sorry, but there will not be any serious sex scenes so it's completely fine for anyone and everyone to read.

**In the process of very slowly editing and adding Aris, Teresa, Sonya and Harriet. Also, I am trying to neutralise the gender of the reader, therefore this book will have stronger LGBT+ themes than previous versions. Later character add in's may include Frypan and Winston. Many of these were originally written in 2014, so please excuse the yet-to-be-edited grammatical errors in later chapters.

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- - Jul 28, 2016
Same age as Chuck. But am having my birthday next month. So am 14
- - Nov 19, 2016
Well I'm just gonna turn 14 next month so no its not weird for me.😉
keypette keypette Dec 07, 2015
All the guys are cute, so like, im reading thru everything (Gally's the cutest)
SaoirseQueen SaoirseQueen Oct 19, 2015
It's literally 11:00 pm I was suppose to be asleep hours ago
                              But wattpad exists
                              FÛCK tomorrow is Monday 
doggsarefun doggsarefun Sep 21, 2015
Yay! Finally someone did a Chuck imagine. He's like 2 years older than me.  he's adorable
aceiseves123 aceiseves123 Aug 05, 2015
I am the same age as the actor that plays chuck but I look 17 (that's what everyone tells me anyway) and I am really tall and to be honest I look older that Thomas Brodie Sangester because he looks 14.