THe BoyS NeXt DoOr

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lollyyypop112 By lollyyypop112 Updated 4 years ago
There are 4 of them. All totally gorgeous and god like. First theres Cole, the man of every girls dream. The bad boy. Then theres Blake...polite and sweet...artistic Blake...Then theres Jeremy...the football player....the girl player. And last is cute little Ashton...hes a bit young bit still the cutest thing imaginable. What have they all got in common? Their my neighbors and this is the story of how I survived the boys next door.
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that cheap slut is you so your basically calling yourself a slut
haha I bet if she knew what she had gone through she would undetstand
or whatever helps you sleep at nigt is another saying for me
@Divapocalipse101 oh my goad I just read further and finally figured out its a girl I'm so stupid ughh fuk my judgement
GOOD FOR YOUUUU!!! Automatically thought of Pewdiepie while reading this. And read it in pewds voice☺
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! love it! and read my book soccer princess its a bit like this book :)