Green Eyes    Creepypasta x Reader~

Green Eyes Creepypasta x Reader~

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RomanAshly By RomanAshly Updated May 27, 2015

She's a ghost but shes not dead, people just treat her like she's not there. What happens when this ¨ghost¨ catches the attention of a  mansion filled with serial killers??? READ TO FIND OUT!!              (SLOW UPDATES)  \(*.*)/

Screw you too! I cant help im female!!! What, do you think we can CHOOSE what gender we're born?! 
                              Wait can we?
                              THATS BESODE THE POINT
It was......
                              DONALD TRUMP 
                              jk probably jeff
Endercat34 Endercat34 Jul 25
No hard feelings buuuuut....
mea_kunn mea_kunn Nov 10
I hope it Toby or hoodie or masky my love for Toby is like no other
seasong15 seasong15 Nov 16
My dad was disappointed that i was a girl. But he didn't leave my mom because of it.
I actually have pale skin and green eyes and I want to dye my hair white