Green Eyes    Creepypasta x Reader~

Green Eyes Creepypasta x Reader~

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RomanAshly By RomanAshly Updated May 27, 2015

She's a ghost but shes not dead, people just treat her like she's not there. What happens when this ¨ghost¨ catches the attention of a  mansion filled with serial killers??? READ TO FIND OUT!!              (SLOW UPDATES)  \(*.*)/

lildeamon lildeamon Jul 10
I always wanted white hair, not like " I'm old" white hair but like supernatural white hair.
NyaTale NyaTale Aug 28
                              I don't know what I just made but I love it 😂
Wolfiea126 Wolfiea126 Jun 27
Mm mah gah! Its my oc! Except my white hair is not long. But cool! Im ok with dat! :3
A001102 A001102 Jun 07
Idk why but when I read the appearance,I thought of an albino,and when I thought albino I thought Near from Death Note
People call me freak too XDDD But its becasue im always trying stab my classmares with scrissors and/or Needles
Omagaw reader can is a green eyed, fem version of Soul! 
                              I-I like Soul Water :3