Mr bad boy vs Miss badass

Mr bad boy vs Miss badass

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Hi I'm Lexie Thomas, who am I your wondering. Well I use to be the nerd who got pushed around and got bullied in year 10 I told my mum and she thought it was best we move. I thought it would help when we moved to Las Vegas things happened and I changed I decided I needed to be strong so I toughened up got a new look and didn't take any ones shit. So now we're back in Los Angeles and I'm ready to get payback on all those bitches who bullied me and to tackle my senior year.

Oh fuck nearly forgot to tell you a little about myself well you know my name obviously my favourite colours are purple, blue, pink and some greens. My favourite animals are zebras and dogs. I have 6 siblings and had about 3 step dads mum having a set of twins with each except 1. Theirs me and Ricky we're the oldest we've just turned 18, then theirs Lilly who is 8, then Casey and Tommy who are 6 and Gabrielle also known as Gabby and Sam who are 4. So that's about it.

(Just a warning this was my first book on wattpad so it's probably not the best! But please still read if you don't mind. And I will be editing it soon!)

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I hate pink. I like black grey and white. I'm in my sisters room rn and her room has all pink walls, pink curtains, pink everything and I hate it. 😑😑
cyclingpig cyclingpig Nov 06, 2017
Hunny,, you are doing THE most. I did not ask for the life story
bisshhx bisshhx Jul 24, 2017
Ok bye den no number ok den no Netflix and chill ok den no bf gf ok den no ring ok den biii bitch
GoldenGoddess29 GoldenGoddess29 Aug 10, 2017
if i had a nickel for every time my dad said that i would be rich
Lollypop1237 Lollypop1237 Nov 17, 2017
I usually see the instructions, decide I don’t want to read them, proceed in throwing them in any direction away from me, and the try and complete the task without breaking anything.. and if I’m really not getting it then I have to find where I threw the instructions 😂🤦‍♀️
Danielalopez654 Danielalopez654 Sep 26, 2017
Bruh that sounds like me when there's something got and they say " oh didn't know theirs instructions"