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♥I'll protect you♥ [Book 1]Fnaf x Markiplier x Reader [Completed]

♥I'll protect you♥ [Book 1]Fnaf x Markiplier x Reader [Completed]

320K Reads 10.3K Votes 39 Part Story
Julia By 1_Julia_1 Completed

You bump into the great Markiplier while walking home, You exchange numbers and meetup at marks house to play Fnaf, you feel strange and you both black out, Only to awaken in the game. Will you both survive? *Cover picture belongs to rydi1689 on Deviantart*

"Where fantasy and fun come to life"... Hmmm... Dunno how I feel about that.
They was sooooooooo good omg that's one of the best fanfics I've ever read!!!!!
Temmie36 Temmie36 Jan 24
I'm rereading this and I remember what happens so when they get sucked in I'm like "I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!" But this story was so good! I had to read it again! COME AT ME FEELS.
jackyouknow jackyouknow Jan 20
because giving your address to a fan you met once is an amazing idea.
typicallymediocre typicallymediocre 3 days ago
Then she kidnaps you, rapes you, kills you... GREAT IDEA MARK; YOU'RE LUCKY I LOVE YOU
I'm in class right now and I'm smiling like an idiot lol rip me