I forgot Earth [Explorer's Universe][Editing in Progress]

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Shannon "Shan" Houtermans By TheLocalGuerilla Updated 4 years ago
A story following the lives of people who live in the Colony of the newly discovered planet Saarlen IV.
Very good! :) It's a great begining and I'm very interested to read more. Well done :)
This story is soo good I'm gonna keep reading and I voted and became a fan :)
A teacher at my school is called Mr. Hobbs. LOL. I liking the story so far, it's really good. Loving the sande pigeons! 
I like it very much. Even though the 'waking up thing because of the alarm clock' is sort of a cliche, it actually works in this. There are a few misspelled words here and there, but that can be managed by an editor. This is a rather good start. Keep writing dude!
                                    Voted. :D