SENTINELS: The Beginning

SENTINELS: The Beginning

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ajae_jackson By ajae_jackson Updated Jun 20, 2017

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New Taurus is possibly the worst city of the Zodiac Wards, but dwelling within is a small group hoping to change that.

They call themselves, The Sentinels...


New Taurus is a failing city in the Zodiac Wards of the island named Novus. Almost everyone is a criminal of some sort in this city; from petty theft and pickpocketing, to human trafficking and corruption.

And Kathrine Kim, a biracial, ace girl, is no different. She's a thug: a person you avoid on the street, you cringe when she speaks because every other word is a curse word, you hold your bag just a bit tighter when your on the train, and you most definitely DO NOT pick a fight with her.

She's selfish, looking out for only herself and her family. She steals, sells drugs, helps traffic guns, she's the villain in any and every story.

So then, why is she forced to play the hero in a little girl's game?

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JustYourLuckk JustYourLuckk Jul 09, 2016
I love your story! The concept is really fascinating and the book draws me in as a reader. Maybe you can check out my story, A World Reborn, out as well? If you enjoy, voting and commenting with feedback really helps and I'd really appreciate it!