Pause (BaekYeol Short Story)

Pause (BaekYeol Short Story)

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Janelle Viancca Ofalsa By ByunBunso Updated Feb 06, 2016


"You don't need to stop...
...just PAUSE."

When Byun Baekhyun lose everything and accused of being the Cursed Child, Park Chanyeol entered the scene, saving the midget from every trouble...

Until EXO, the Student Council, came and every hidden past is being uncovered.

When two shattered hearts found each other, and began constructing love within them once again, revenge will then do its act to stop everything from happening...

When past haunts you...
You just need to closed your eyes and...


ByunBunso ByunBunso Feb 22, 2015
@kpopimaginesforever Mehehe. Thanks for that. I will do my best~
UnexpectedComment UnexpectedComment Dec 03, 2014
kris beak ex? suho and channie brother? author-nim  please update!! ^^