It all happened in one day.

It all happened in one day.

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camigirl4444 By camigirl4444 Updated Nov 16, 2014

Hi, my name is Faust and I am half human half gargoyle. I think I am almost 300 years old, and this is the story of how I was bitten by a vampire and warewolf, almost cursed by a witch, attacked by an angel and demon, played cards with a cheating socerer and his snake-of-a-servant, and tracked down by a hunter, all in the very same night, and gets stuck with them as friends.

This is my first story (I have to start somewhere), please tell me if I make a mistake, or you dont like it, or its to close to another story. I make 2 stories, but right now I'm just going to start on this one and see where this leads me. Reccomendations are great! Also another note, I was just looking for a place to have the story, so no I have never been to Astoria, Oregon but I imagine it being quite chilly in Autumn up in the north. I might add some unexspected characters, such as Mermaids, and more shape shifters! I truly am making this up as I go so I dont even know what is going to happen. Enough of my babbling, read on to see descriptions of the main characters! ( I don't plan on a whole bunch of people to read this, but thank you so much if you do, hope you enjoy!)

  • action-adventure
  • angels
  • demons
  • gargoyles
  • modern
  • socerer
  • vampires
  • warewolves
  • witches

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