The Fear of Poppies

The Fear of Poppies

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Ana Fae By a_child_of_fairyland Updated Nov 24, 2014

"..Fans of 'Anna and the French Kiss' will love this book.."
~Alexis Fischer

"..The perfect mixture of humor and romance, with the underlying tone of darkness - just enough to stop this story from becoming too cliche.."
~Sarah Cutterson


Poppy Jones had it all..

Popular friends. Hottest date and an invite to every party. Poppy had a near-perfect life - just ask anyone.

...until she gets betrayed in the worst possible way.

Turning away from the popularity she once craved, Poppy becomes a recluse. A social reject in the eyes of her peers. Welcoming her new status, Poppy gains a phobia of being around others, choosing instead to live within the small walls of her family home.

Finally, her parents decide that enough is enough and send Poppy away to Brook's Haven School for 'Troubled Teens.' Less than thrilled, Poppy does her best to hide away. That is - until she meets a certain enigmatic boy.

Within the wall of the prison-like exterior - Poppy is forced to face the challenges thrown at her and face the life she once rejected.

In the place she fears the most, Poppy may just find a reason to starting living again.

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a__1212 a__1212 Nov 22, 2014
Just making a note but I don't think this word is supposed to be capitalized??
a_child_of_fairyland a_child_of_fairyland Nov 17, 2014
Thank you so much! And I'm going to start working on chapter one, tweek it a bit and try and make it better. Thanks again and I'm so glad you're liking it!