Learning To Breathe [A Robert Downey Jr. Fan-Fic / Torn AU]

Learning To Breathe [A Robert Downey Jr. Fan-Fic / Torn AU]

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Sarah By SarahLovesRDJ Updated Mar 13, 2016

One person, one moment, one word. Life can change within a second. The people we meet, the decisions we make, that's what defines us and what affects our further life. 

Katerina Graham (Nina Dobrev) and Nathan Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) are neighbors. Since the day, Kate and her father Richard (Kevin Spacey) have moved in next to Nathan's family, he has fallen for her. But life happens and everything turns out to be more difficult than expected. 

Does their friendship survive these struggles? Does their love have a chance? 

A story of childhood romance, friendship and rivalry... 

***For those who have read 'Torn', this is another version of Kate's and Nathan's story with new and different characters. This is actually the version I had originally planned when I first started writing it.***

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