Daemon Born

Daemon Born

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Fen By ButteredUp Updated Jul 26, 2015

A teenage boy in the year of 2090, when monsters start appearing into the world's plane of existence, governed by the Order of the Holy Knights. Everyone starts questioning the truth as they learn that magic exists.

Being brought into the world through the same means as the creatures that now roam the lands, he has to learn how he had gotten here in the first place and what was the purpose of him being here. With his origin completely unknown to him, he has to fight his was to the Grand City of Demicon where he believes the knights hold the answers of who he truly is.

Can he be able to conquer every obstacle he encounters, while evading holy knights, bounty hunters, and monsters, as he meets other people on the way to become his allies, in his quest to find the truth to his origin, while fighting both a figurative and literal hell.

  • angel
  • angst
  • demon
  • gods
  • hell
  • humor
  • magic
  • magicalcreatures
  • mystical
  • origin
  • pain
  • romance
  • science
  • scififantasy
  • teenager
Roaringwolf Roaringwolf May 04, 2015
very good! I would also like you to go check out my stories and tell me some tips on how to improve my writing :D
xrex110 xrex110 Apr 05, 2015
Very descriptive. It's off to a great start and I'm certainly curious about where the story will go. 
                              There are a few grammer errors which you will have to get rid of sone time or the other.
                              Voted and added to library for now. Let's see whether you are worth following.
HJP134227 HJP134227 Apr 03, 2015
Wow, you're a really good writer! Could you please check out my work and give me some advice on how to improve?
WerewolfBoyLovur WerewolfBoyLovur Dec 02, 2014
Definitely make more please, these kind of stories aren't that common.