Baby Scars. [Lashton]

Baby Scars. [Lashton]

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♡princess kay♡ By lovely-lashton Completed

Ashton was mute, lonely, and depressed.

       He had no friends at all, and he was constantly bullied because of this. 

But Luke the most popular guy in school starts to show more than 'friendly affection' towards his English partner Ashton. 

  Ashton doesn't know how to take it, he doesn't want to lose his first friend because he's...straight. 

  Or at least he thought he was until he met Luke. 


This isn't your normal cliche fanfic, you'll learn that if you read. This is the first book in the series, the second is Twisted and the third is soon to be uploaded c:

Mute love story, Warning this book Contains: Boyxboy, self harm, eating disorders, Sexual content, and abuse. 
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fuck-me-ash fuck-me-ash Jul 22
Mine is crying while showering , wear some thing , cry again because I'm fat , cry because I remember I'm gonna go to school and finally , go to school...
-daddyirwin -daddyirwin Jul 03
this has been in my library for so long and i'm just now reading yikes
Australia can get tornados and in really cold parts it snows :) not where I live tho, it's always sunny here haahaa
random_cay random_cay Aug 27
Basically a friken unicorn could come crashing through the window. Love it.
LifeAndDeathxx LifeAndDeathxx 4 days ago
Sometimes I don't eat because my boyfriend likes to stare at me a lot and then I get self conscious of my chewing :c
it's also like i hate myself so much that im going to punish myself ☺