The Trio Secrets (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

The Trio Secrets (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

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The trio of girls joined Fairy Tail, but each girls' magic is not normal. One of the trio, Luna Sakuya, is a Night Dragon Slayer, but she is not an ordinary dragon slayer unlike Natsu and the other dragon slayers. She is something people are thought to be extinct.(A/N: I'm pretty sure its obvious now XD.)

The second of the three, Arisashi Ichigo, is an Celestial Spirit user, but the keys in her possession is nothing Lucy has ever heard or seen of before. Arisashi kept ONE key hidden from everyone, (except the other two girls of course), this key is something special and more powerful than any of her other keys.

The third of the three, Shouko Kinoshita, who uses Revival Magic but she have to sacrifice some of her own health for it. For combat she uses daggers and poison needles. A lot of other wizards and mages underestimate her power just because she only has two weapons, in the end she ultimately defeats them! All of them have a secret power, and it is all connected in some way. read to find out the secrets they hold!

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ArcaneCougar ArcaneCougar Mar 01, 2016
definitely correct me if I'm wrong but to me it sounds like Luna is a Night Fury Slayer and Arasashi Ichigo is either a female Ichigo or like his daughter. who can summon the captains. and her dad.