The Football Player and I

The Football Player and I

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BeautifulLovexx By BeautifulLovexx Updated Jul 09, 2015

Meet Jenna Reeves.The shy and smart girl in school.The tough and athletic girl in sports.But the non-existent girl in love after her boyfriend leaves her for a model.
She's now more concerned with sports and school than to worry about a silly thing like love.Of course she still enjoys looking at hot guys,but the thought of a relationship with anyone seems preposterous anymore.Taking shit from people is a definite no no in her book and she will never be trampled down by anyone.
Now meet Mr Perfect.
Travis Ross.Hot,athletic,and smart?How could such a guy exist?
Well he does.He's just moved in next door to Jenna and is quite popular at school.Word is he's an amazing football player looking at a future in the NFL.All the girls have fallen for him but one.You guessed it,Jenna.
All she sees is a stuck up,arrogant football player who uses people to get his way.But going deeper he may be much more than that.

This is MY book and if you steal it, I will cut you.

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