I Know What You're Thinking

I Know What You're Thinking

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Mallory Bleak is so desperate to get out of a detention that she accidentally mind reads the answer to a test from her teacher's consciousness. You know, as you do. 

After getting over the initial shock of being exposed to her classmates' deepest, darkest, most perverted thoughts and feelings,  Mal realises that she can use her newfound powers to her own advantage.

Especially when her roommate Kim vanishes and nobody bats an eyelid.

But Kim's disappearance might just be the tip of the iceberg--Mal soon learns that she's not alone. There are others out there who share her ability, including an elusive mind reader whose motivation is far more destructive. 

Headache doesn't even begin to cover it.

Mystery/Teen Fiction/Paranormal

Highest ranking: #11 in Mystery/Thriller on Sep 22nd '15

Disclaimer: this story contains abduction, violence, swearing, sexual references and *dramatic, sarcastic gasp* homosexuality. Just FYI.

The only reason she couldn't read his mind was because of his glasses covering his eyes.
That's so me. Sadly, my only athletic abilitiy is reading very quickly.😅
This just happened to my computer so maybe she is a mind reader....
The gym teacher can't make you join a club thing! You just have to learn how to say no.
This is really good so far, it's so well written! I actually clicked on this book because of the cover and I'm so happy that the story seems to be just as good.
Great! I love the comedy here, definitely my cup of tea. Definitely gonna keep reading.