Blood // Jeon Jungkook

Blood // Jeon Jungkook

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Rara Nim By Jungkookie10V Updated Oct 04, 2015

"I can't change what I am, if you stay with me I'll kill you." 

This book is currently in the middle of being rewritten in more detail and a more improved storyline. 
Some character names will be redone meaning their names and personality types may change. I will update you all on what chapters have been done and what have not. 


Jungkook and Rima a fatal love story 
Between two vampires

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- - Jul 06, 2017
I read Min Yoonji i was like BTS RUN EPISODEE but then i read it correctly and i was like are u serious lel
_Deadbtslover_ _Deadbtslover_ Nov 12, 2017
If I was walking along one day minding my own business and saw Jimin and Jungkook sitting there and staring at me like that, I would die right on the spot 😍😍😂😍
Hidden_Carrat Hidden_Carrat Jul 01, 2017
When I saw the beep boo beep boo I thought it was Tae entering the classroom
sulrikim sulrikim Aug 28, 2017
I like it
                              It's like
                              I hate you 00000x24.1 msec later.... i love you
Drimatic Drimatic Feb 22, 2016
seungkwans-boo seungkwans-boo Apr 28, 2016
damn it i thought you had a typo that its suppose to be yoongi instead of yoonji