~Short Spinoff to Awakened Memories~
The love of Percy's life is dead. After struggling for years to live with all of his closest friends having no memory of him, then being forced to leave them again after they remember, and finally finding peace, that peace was ruined once again with Annabeth's death. Now he has to learn how to survive without the daughter of Athena by his side, and mend the hole left in his heart.

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Luvdblue2 Luvdblue2 Mar 30, 2015
Oh my gosh... I'm carrying so hard and I'm in school but the feels!!!
fandomwishes fandomwishes Nov 29, 2014
OMG your spinoff made me cry! Why are you so good at making me sad... I think u should actually write more you know. Cos I hate these kind of endings... I end up having to make up a proper happier ending...
RainStar7892 RainStar7892 Nov 16, 2014
Is your goal to create an entire explosion of feels and sadness? Because if it is, it definitely worked. )`:
Styx_and_Stones Styx_and_Stones Nov 16, 2014
Finally some Percy Jackson stuff update! Gods! After what I read in the Blood of Olympus...
Styx_and_Stones Styx_and_Stones Nov 16, 2014
...  wait. you end it like Annabeth IS right next to Percy...