Saving Grace

Saving Grace

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Elizabeth By SEConrad Updated Feb 04, 2015

A girl who believed that her only savior was herself. 

     An immortal who thought nothing would ever surprise him again. 

     The girl who would do anything for her younger sister.

     The man that won't let anyone get in the way of his schedule. 

     One has a heart that she locked away for her own protection. The other never even realized he had one. 

     Lizzy was an unwanted outcast from the day she was born. No one seemed to want her, not even her own mother. When her half sister was dumped on the steps of the same orphanage, Lizzy knew that little Rose was never going to suffer like her; she was going to make her sister happy. She let herself become scarred and jaded in order to keep Rose safe. No one could break through her shell except her little sister and that was how she wanted it to stay.

     Lizzy forgot about the one thing that everyone seems to overlook. 


     A desperate deal lands her in a world that she thought was only a myth from ancient times. Surrounded by gods of legend, Lizzy realizes that maybe she was more than just an unwanted, dirt-poor orphan after all. And maybe, she needed saving.

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