Completed Werewolf Stories

Completed Werewolf Stories

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Chloe Nicole By nickel_0404_ Updated Nov 16, 2014

This book thingy will contain descriptions of some of the completed werewolf books I've read on Wattpad. I've read quite a bit of books on Wattpad, and have found that the books that list stories and descriptions are helpful. So, I decided to have a go at it!

• The chapter titles will be the names of the stories.
• Every chapter will contain the description the author wrote for their book.
• At the end of the chapter I will also include the author's username.
• Obviously all of the stories are completed.

~ Chloe

Branndy_ Branndy_ Jul 06
I'm looking for a book about a new girl and the alpha and his (I think brothers)!are arriving to school together and hes the only one without a mate. Oh and she's a human not werewolf. 
                              I had it in my library in my old account which got hacked🙁
Can you make the author or the book name a link? I can't find this either