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Rebel Dallas

Rebel Dallas

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maeee 🤪 By kissinqhayes Updated Aug 24, 2018

In the process of rewriting

Nothing in this world will ever top the feeling of the adrenaline rushing through your body. When you forget about everything in the world, the pressure, the problems, just absolutely anything because you're having too much fun? That's what I absolutely love.

I scream my lungs out in joy as my friend and I drive through the highway, in a high speed chase with the police. I couldn't describe how my body was feeling, it was as if I was floating in the air. Numb and clueless from reality, away from everything. I loved it.

"We might actually make it!" Alec says, as he shifted his gears making the car go twice as fast. I was holding on for my dear life, but the smile on my face was all the way up to my ears. 

Alec takes a very sharp turn, followed by 3 more. We proceeded to drive through a very very narrow road. I was a bit claustrophobic so I closed my eyes for a split second, avoiding the fact that we were inches away from what looked like walls. 

It see...

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