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Take This to the Grave

Take This to the Grave

148K Reads 8.6K Votes 44 Part Story
W H I T N E Y By wheadee Completed

Some lines shouldn't be crossed, but once they have been there's no going back.
  For Nash Soh and Nina Ortiz there are two sides to gang life. One wants in, and the other wants out. Nash is the son of the notorious leader of the Soh Dragons, and with his ruthless older brother inheriting the family empire upon his father's imprisonment, Nash only has one goal in mind: to become a Soh Dragon and to be the best Soh Dragon at any cost. Nina has had her share of grief due to being affiliated with Los Soldados, also known as the Soldiers. The gang world has destroyed her family and left her to pick up the pieces along with her older brother and ailing grandmother. They're all she has left, and she'll do whatever it takes to fight for and keep afloat.
               Being from rival gangs, both Nash and Nina are mortal enemies. But all it takes is one night to change everything. After one rescue, these two are constantly bumping into each other and unable to shake their mutual feelings bubbling up. Suddenly there's a spark, a look, a touch - passion ignited into full fledge flames, and there's no turning down the heat between these two. Nash and Nina soon find themselves ensconced in a fiery secret romance. However, secrets do not stay hidden forever. Before long, loyalty is questioned and choices must be made. The rivalry is at an all-time high, escalating to an impending blood bath where there's sure to be no survivors, leaving the two to question if love really conquers all.

boyitskay boyitskay Dec 25, 2016
whitney girl where did this book come from? im always on top of your updates + new books (have been for years). i click on this one and expect to see just a prologue but i see all these chapters! lmfao i'm so so so excited thanks for this book girl
neno__ neno__ Jul 18, 2016
I was instantly drawn in by the first chapter... like I love your books and your style and I really wonder how you come up with such things.!
                              Oh and I'm coming from Playin Hard!!!
UnicornsBite UnicornsBite Dec 22, 2016
I just saw the bottom of his face thought he was Markiplier.
lexcoupe lexcoupe Dec 22, 2015
LOVE logic, omg. and it was such a plot twist when i realized this was a gang initiation. this sounds so interesting, i'm excited to read the rest!
sheloves_ovo sheloves_ovo Oct 15, 2015
Every time I see "worthy" I can't help thinking bout Chasing Caterpillars THATS MY BOOKKKK
IAmBDiddy IAmBDiddy Sep 01, 2015
Ayyeee My Nigga Logic Inspiring People To Write Books On Gangs!!!