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Emily634 By Emily634 Updated May 11, 2015

We stopped at the end of the hallway and the doors opened. There stood a beautiful young man in a suit. With black hair in a Quiff, grey eyes, And 6’4.  Then it hit me, that will be my husband in only a few minutes.  Before i know it am standing in front of him, at the end of the hallway.

“ Do you Gabriele De Lucca, take Luna Bartolomei as your wife?”

“ I do” Gabriele in a thick italian voice.

“ And do you Luna Bartolomei, take Gabriele De Lucca as your husband?”

“ I do”

“ Now the power invested in me. I pronounce you husband and wife . You may kiss the bride.”

Gabriele, with one hand on my face and the other on my waist. Grabbed me and kiss me with the most passion ever. I felt like I could stay like that forever.

“ You do what i say and no gets hurt” He whispers to me for only me to be able to hear. Oh boy, this is going to be one long weekend.

xoxo_jewel xoxo_jewel Feb 28, 2016
Some that was awkward they just kissed shes happy and hes*clap clap* what an interesting relationship they are going to have!!!
dutchlatingirl dutchlatingirl Apr 04, 2016
Mariano di Vaio would be the PERFECT mafia don.... Just saying.. *hint*hint*
__ScuteChick_ __ScuteChick_ Apr 28, 2016
Oh absolutely great it's not like my husband blackmailed me at the alter or anything
nataliedul nataliedul Mar 20, 2016
That's a great way to start a marriage (sarcasm, a lot of it)
emanbar emanbar Jun 05, 2016
Why do people ask that or when a lady gives birth and the first thing they ask is 'who does it look like?' like bítch it just came out it looks like a potato
africascreation africascreation Feb 27, 2015
He's like baby cute...but still hot. He doesn't look tough. But hey maybe he cray cray and really strong. Doubt it but ok