The Badasses vs The Bad Boys

The Badasses vs The Bad Boys

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"You guys are dead." Jacob threatened.
"No we're not" I said calmly.
"Oh yes you are." Jay said.
"Go ahead and try. See how we react." Rina said, just as calm as me. Jacob took a step towards us. Rina and I looked at each other before screaming like they were actually killing us. The boys winced. 
"Ok I won't touch you. Gosh" Jacob said and rubbed his ears.
"But you will pay." said Jay. They both got up into our faces and I was about to scream again when Jacob said "You have just declared a prank war. Welcome to hell ladies." He pushed past us and walked out the door. Jay winked at us and smiled evilly before following him.
"Oh." Rina said
"Crap." I finished.
"What have we done?" She asked me with a panicked look.
Meet Rina and Mira. Two sarcastic, sassy, best friends who were stupid enough to play with fire. Ever since that day in the mall where they accidentally threw a M&M at some random boy, their lives have gone downhill.

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WARNING: many plot holes and mistakes I'm too lazy to fix

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Mira is me with blonde hair. No joke, ask anyone who knows me
FrenchMissile FrenchMissile Aug 07, 2016
Two things: 
                              •I'm Olivia nice to meet you. You fill all my qualifications so I'd like to be friends ya know Fictional to reality?
                              •that last line just shows shitt gonna get real, real quick.
FrenchMissile FrenchMissile Aug 07, 2016
Your gonna make them swallow? Oh gurll you are too much 😏😏😏
klassickik klassickik Aug 14, 2016
I'm not gonna read this I just wanted to say that's Georgina from  gossip girl
FrenchMissile FrenchMissile Aug 07, 2016
*Enters fantasy world*
                              *writes on a paper "call me a chicken"*
                              *kisses the models from hollister*