Gone -Book One- (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) {Completed}

Gone -Book One- (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) {Completed}

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Sarcasm of Olympus By greywarrxn Completed

It started just like every other day at Camp. Annabeth wakes up to get Percy for breakfast. She finds his cabin empty. 

Oh no, not again


Join Annabeth and her friends as they go on a quest to find Percy before it's too late. Because, deep within the Earth, Percy is kept prisoner. He's forced to be a host. The host. What will he do to stop this? What will they do? Who will survive the chaos?


Reyna and Nico go on another adventure to catch a goddess of pure insanity to get an object that can save lives. So many lives. Who will survive the madness? 


War never ends. 

~All characters belong to Rick Riordan. Not me.~

The first few chapter are not as good as the later ones so please stay strong and read through. Trust me. It's worth it.

Also, credit to viria for the cover art!

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AnnabethJackson0000 AnnabethJackson0000 Nov 24, 2016
Umm... it's ok
                              There r just a few holes, tho.
                              I don't want to come off rude or mean or make u feel bad over little things, over all it was great!
                              So, unless u want my feedback, I won't give.
Was I the only who already voted for the chapter without reading because the description was already AWESOME???
                              No? Okay.
Emmi_da_cat Emmi_da_cat Oct 18
Grover doesn't care abt percy? that's not his personality! I would expect him to run around in circles baaaaing in panic
fireb0lt fireb0lt 5 days ago
I love how everyone will care and then there’s just mr d going “Peter Johnson is missing everyone, big deal.” really sarcastically
I love how whenever anything bad happens they all know a prophecy is coming