Treacherous is the Forest Below (The 100 fanfiction)

Treacherous is the Forest Below (The 100 fanfiction)

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wildwolfmagic By wildwolfmagic Updated Jul 23, 2016

97 years ago nuclear war killed all on earth, left it soaked in radiation. But there were survivors. Now there's the Ark, one station forged of many. Earth needs 100 more years to be habitable again and man can go home, back to the Ground. That's the dream. 

Not anymore. Failure in the life support is found, leaving the Ark not little time to repair it. In efforts to get time, 100 prisoners are sent to the Ground to see if it's survivable. But it's been fine all along. The Grounders are Earth's native people since the bombs and they won't take kindly to Sky People invading their home. The mission is much harder than they thought. 

Each kid has a story. Elektra Gale's father was floated for teaching his her as a skilled warrior when she wasn't even to be a guard. Too dangerous for Ark society, she's locked up and sent to the Ground. The fighter needs her skills more than ever to survive the cruel Earth. She must fight a war and for what she deems right, even siding with the enemy.

  • apocalypse
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WhovianBepo WhovianBepo Mar 27, 2015
oh.....lololol.....whoops.....that's kool tho u can speak danish? @-crystalclear
WhovianBepo WhovianBepo Feb 24, 2015
214.........that's super creepy cos that WAS my dad's pass code for sth
WhovianBepo WhovianBepo Feb 24, 2015
O.o........for some reason I hope this is a Lincoln fanfic cos tbh Lincoln is bæ........but I'm fine with anything seems great so far anyways
lexi51213 lexi51213 Dec 03, 2014
Awesome! I'd love to see more of the grounder who was in the tree :) also the only thing that I would say is please don't make this a Bellamy and OC story, there are way too many of those :/